Sustainable Agriculture in Timor Leste

Friends of Same November/December 2007 newsletter

Guest Speaker Ego Lemos

Eugenio (Ego) Lemos is an environmentalist, campaigner and musician. He is coordinator of, and spokesperson for, Hasatil (Hametin Sustainibelidade Agrikultor Timor-Leste or Strengthen

Sustainable Agriculture in Timor L’este) which is a sustainable agriculture coalition or network of local NGOs and farmers’ groups that provides training on home gardens, agro-forestry, soil ecology, alternative health, traditional medicinal plants and organic compost/local and natural pesticides throughout East Timor.

Ego is based in Turiskai, Manufahi. Recently Hasatil was involved in organising a demonstration in support of food sovereignty in Timor Leste and reducing reliance on imports. Ego was also a founder of Permaculture Timor LoroSae (Permatil PTL ) in 1999, which addressed sustainable land use & sustainable development in East Timor and promotes, demonstrates and trains people in ‘Permaculture’. Ego has also been involved in writing a permaculture resource manual.

Ego Lemos is one of Timor’s leading musicians and is involved in a renewal of indigenous music and language, and is lead singer of the band Cinque do Oriente. He spoke recently at a seminar on Agriculture in Timor at Victoria University. He is an inspiring and stimulating speaker and anyone interested in the environment, gardening and food production will find him well worth


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