Unidentified group shoots at Fretilin President Lu-Olo’s residence

Jornal Nacional Semanário – 10 November 2007

FRETILIN parliamentarian Inacio Moreira informed the National Parliament that recently an unidentified group, in a vehicle with tinted windows, fired shots in the direction of the residence of the former President of the National Parliament (NP) and FRETILIN President, Francisco Guterres ‘Lu-Olo”, in Farol, Dili.

The parliamentarian Inacio Moreira referred to this issue whilst being interviewed by Jornal Nacional Seminario, at the National Parliament, after having raised this issue during the sittings.

Inacio Moreira explained that, from events confirmed by the former President of the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres “Lu-Olo” himself, and from his own close protection security, the events which occurred early morning Friday (2 Nov) at around 04h37m.

“A car was seen, having come from the direction of Praia dos Coqueiros (Coconut Beach) – Campo Alor, which, when in front of the residence of the former President of the National Parliament, drove by slowly, firing off four guns shots.

After firing the shots, it left the location immediately. When the close protection security of the former President of the NP came out from the residence reconnoiter the situation, the group left the location. After three minutes, UNPOL arrived at the location to gather details regarding the occurrence, having found still hot spent bullet cartridges, and which were taken to the police station”, Moreira explained.

The FRETILIN parliamentarian and former minister for Transport and Telecommunications added that the FRETILIN bench is demanding an immediate investigation of the case by the authorities, to identify who fired the shots.

“It has to be detected, identified and announced to the public what happened. Were the shots fired by drunks or simply by accident or was there intent”, questioned the parliamentarian Moreira, lamenting that, although the case had occurred three days ago, not one media outlet concerned itself to report the occurrence.

“I do not know why the case has remained so closed, not even one media outlet has raised the case. Because of this I raised it here in the parliament so that everyone can become aware of it. Lu-Olo is a resistance figure, former President of the NP, President of FRETILIN and current parliamentarian. Why was he terrorised?”, he questioned.

Inacio Moreira also informed that the family which resides there is worried, as the majority are young children, although no-one was hurt or damage occured. Personally, Lu-Olo was not frightened with the event.

“My concern and question is why do they want to terrorize and threaten a political leader.

So, once more I remind the responsible bodies that they have to investigate this case. This Parliament’s position should be clear in relation to this case, because Francisco Guterres “Lu-Olo” is a former President of the National Parliament and ex-officer holder”, he emphasized.

He reaffirmed that the FRETILIN bench defined this case as an act of terror. Therefore FRETILIN does not agree with this attitude. If there is any dirty political intent in relation to this case, it shows that there is an injustice and this issue will never be resolved because they are criminal attitudes. (Translated as best I could-it makes no sense even in Portuguese.

Grave Attitude

Also the Vice President of the National Parliament, Vicente da Silva Guterres, considered the shooting as a grave attitude.

In relation to this case, the Vice President of the Second Legislature National Parliament requested the competent authorities to undertake an extensive conversation.

“It is an intentional act which has to be investigated”, he reaffirmed.

The former founder of the Union Democratica Crista/Partido Democratico Cristao and current parliamentarian of the CNRT bench added that this type of thing cannot occur to anyone in this country.

“In this concrete case, we are not only looking at someone who is the ex-President of the National Parliament but a person who still is the President of FRETILIN and current parliamentarian of the national parliament”, affirmed Vicente.

Vicente reaffirmed that the concern of the National Parliament is to demand the government and competent authorities to investigate fully this case in order to avoid negative interpretations on the case, so that there no acts of violence and other negative acts in the country.

“Anyone other than the Police intervening during acts of violence shooting without cause, even if it is shooting into the air, should not occur at all. Such a thing being done by anyone other than the Police or by the authorities with concrete justification, of course is very grave

The National Parliament has not yet considered establishing an ad hoc committee but the Secretary of State for Security will be contacted and will follow up the case with him.


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