Partido Democratico falling out internally

Political Declaration of the Ermera Leadership of Partido Democratico

We observed and analysed fully the decisions from the National Leadership in regards to the list presentation to the Parliament and the formation of the IV Constitutional Government. We say that the decisions did not have mutual consultation and coordination between National and District Leaderships. Only one or two leaders alone made the decisions, never basing it on the party’s constitution.

Reality shows that National Leadership is setting up a political game and a disaster for the party’s future.

Therefore we petition to the top leadership such as the president, the secretary general and the CPN (National Political Council), to make a decision on the following demands:

1. Return the powers to CPN and CPD to review the parliamentary list, which should be proportional corresponding to each district whenever there is a substitution.
2. Revise the Parliament’s Internal Rules when it comes to substitution. Substitutions should not follow the sequence on the parliamentary list but should be made corresponding to each district (Ermera from Ermera).
3. We appreciate very much the formation of the IV Constitutional Government to undertake political and developmental transformation. But we notice that in reality there is a big discrimination and a sabotage against people with the right skills who should be given cabinet positions in this government.
4. The leadership of Ermera’s PD recommend Dr. Lucas da Costa (Rector of UNPAZ and Member of Parliament) as has great skills and experience to hold the portfolio of Ministry of Economy and Development or any other relevant posts.
5. We will recall our two members of parliament who are in the PD faction in the National Parliament, Mr. Dr. Lucas da Costa and Mr. Gabriel Ximenes (Fitun) if the national leadership and AMP ignore and do not value (our demands). There will be a strong reaction from the grassroots.
6. We request the leadership to put individual and group problems behind to concentrate on the party interest and the people’s wishes for nation. Do not use slogans to impede others and turn many into victims for PD.
7. We demand an extraordinary party meeting to discuss these demands.

Finally, as the winning district (in the parliamentary elections) there is hope, however we lament these decisions.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Petitioners, The District Leadership Council

Democratic Party, Ermera

No. Name, Position

1. Paulino Monteiro, President

2. Mauricio dos Reis Martins, General Secretary

3. João Varela, II Vice president

4. Egidio Maia, Vice Scretary General

5. Jacinta A. Pereira, President of OMD

6. Lucas da C. Salsinha, President of OJD

7. Ernesto Fernandes, President of CPD

8. Armindo das Neves, Vice President of CPD

9. Angelino Brites, Sub Distrito Ermera/ Membro CPD

10. Domingos dos S. Pereira, Vice Coord. of Ermera Sub district

11. Agapito da Silva, Vice Coord. of Hatolia Sub district

Ermera, 27 de Agosto de 2007


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