UNMIT – MEDIA MONITORING Monday, 29 October 2007

National Media Reports

Ramos-Horta calls for political leaders to respect common interests

The President José Ramos-Horta has asked all political leaders to support the interests of national development, rather than individual or group interests.

However the meeting was not attended by Fretilin leaders due to their retreat in Same.

“The ruling party should also have contact with the people. Sometimes we are busy then forget those who cast their votes for us,” said the president.

The President also pledged to dedicate time to meeting with political leaders to ensure consistency in developing national priorities. (STL)

Fretilin to mobilize peaceful protest in Dili

The Secretary-General of Fretilin, Mari Alkatiri, said that in 2008 Fretilin will mobilize its supporters from 13 districts to hold a peaceful action highlighting the defence of democratic rights, justice, liberty and national integrity.

Mr. Alkatiri said all supporters of Fretilin have a right to peaceful protest, and it is the responsibility of the police and state to control any violence.

Furthermore, Mr. Alkatiri said that Fretilin does recognize the state as constitutional, but continues to believe that the government is not and will continue to vote against it in the national parliament. (DN)

Longuinhos: telephone conversation, an investigation-not proposed by parliament

The General Prosecutor of the Republic, Longuinhos Monteiro has proposed an investigation to the President of the Court of Appeal, Claudio Ximenes, about his alleged involvement in a taped telephone conversation.
His statement follows calls for Mr Monteiro to provide evidence to the national parliament about any alleged involvement.

“There is no law stating I must make a declaration to the national parliament.

As a prosecutor, I can have conversations with any people,” said Mr. Monteiro. (DN)

HASATIL disagrees with the policy of the Alliance government

The non government organization, Strengthen Sustainable Agriculture of Timor-Leste (HASATIL), said it is against a proposed policy to give rice subsidies to public servants, and members of the PNTL and F-FDTL.

“We do not agree with this policy because it seems that the policy gives no advantage to local product of local people,” said Arsenio Pereira, the coordinator of HASATIL Secretariat.

The future of Timor Telecom investment

The administrator of Timor Telecom, José Brandão Sousa said the telecommunications company will fulfill its contract with the Government over the agreed five year period, despite debate about a new telecommunications company entering the market.

“I guarantee that we will honour our contract with the state and we are not worried about any other than what is written in the contract,” said Mr. Sousa. (DN)

Timor-Lost lost MCC fund from USA

The Government says that Timor-Leste will not get assistance from the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) from United States of America because the country’s corruption rating.

The minister of Economy and Development, Joao Mendes Goncalves said that the crisis in Timor-Leste has made the corruption rating higher.

He said this means Timor-Leste will lose its opportunity to get assistance in infrastructure development from the fund. (TP)


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