Still not enough food for IDP’s

From WFP’s Operational Requirements, Shortfalls and Priorities for 2007
October 2007

PRRO 10388.0 

Investing in People’s Future November 2004 – March 2008

Pipeline breaks over next 6 months (mt)

Cereals          Pulses           Blended Food    Oil      Other

4,726            802               980               266      182

Dec-07  Dec-07           Immediate        Jan-08   Immediate

The PRRO aims to provide safety nets to the most vulnerable groups through food for education, maternal and child health/supplementary feeding and general food distribution to communities hit by natural disasters, and assistance to IDPs affected by the recent crisis. WFP has been present in Timor-Leste since 1999.

  • Additional donor contributions are urgently needed to avoid pipeline breaks starting immediately.
  • WFP has resumed general food distributions to IDPs living in Dili camps for another three distribution cycles. WFP’s school feeding, maternal and child health and food-for-assets programmes will be increased to accommodate the needs of food-insecure people in the districts, including IDPs.

    Food was provided to approximately 65,000 IDPs in 54 camps in Dili, per the current distribution cycle, completed at the end of September. No major security incidents inside the camps occurred during the distribution. According to the current government food aid policy for IDPs, the next and last distribution cycle will commence on 1 October targeting approximately 70,000 IDPs.

  • WFP continues general food distribution (GFD) to IDPs as well as food-for-education and mother and child health activities. In the meantime, WFP, in consultation with the Government, is launching the implementation of food-for-asset activities in the seven most food-insecure districts with special emphasis on irrigation systems, feeder roads, and reclamation of agricultural land. Target groups are vulnerable groups in the district, including IDPs. WFP is planning to gradually phase out GFD to IDPs in Dili towards the end of the year.
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