Bugs and double standards



(Dili, 23rd of October 2007)

Good Morning Mr. President and Distinguished Members one and all.

We the following members undersigned wish to
raise the following in relation to two issues:

A.      With regard to the statements by the
President of the Republic is response to FRETILIN
statement to the parliament more than one week
ago in relation to the call for the dismissal of
the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro.

We are extremely concerned with His Excellency
the President of the Republic, Mr. Jose
Ramos-Horta’s response to the Statement in the
parliament by FRETILIN last week calling on the
dismissal of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro, Prosecutor
General of the Republic.  We believe that the
National Parliament is obligated to continue to
scrutinize this case, because we all want to
ensure that justice moves along in our country
with neutrality and free of political
interference.  We also accept the calls to
initiate an investigation into the telephone
recording which has been circulating in public
and which the FRETILIN parliamentary group itself
was also able to obtain a copy. It is not
necessary to drag this issue of whether to
investigate or not the circumstances of the
making of the recording, and we want to make it
clear that we support first of all an
investigation of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro, Leandro
Isaac and Herminigildo Pereira as to which one of
the three himself recorded the conversation and
who initiated its distribution to the public, and
to ascertain the extent of the involvement of Mr.
Herminigildo Pereira and the former President of
the Republic in this recording.

We also believe that the substance of this
recording is extremely important and we express
our disappointment that the President of the
Republic has not given due importance to the
substance of the recording of the conversation
which is an issue being closely followed by the
public itself.  We believe that the moving
forward of this issue should not be left with the
Prosecutor General who is responsible for
investigating criminal cases but who instead
undertakes investigative services in the
political interests of politicians as has been
shown in the recorded conversation. It is because
of this that the statement by the FRETILIN
parliamentary group last week calling for the
removal of Mr. Longuinhos Monteiro as Prosecutor
General of the Republic remains valid.  We ask
that this parliament to second our urgings to the
President of the Republic to dismiss Longuinhos
Monteiro as Prosecutor General of the Republic in
order to restore the credibility of the work of
the Prosecutor General in our country.

B.      Following we want to raise the case of Major Alfredo Reinado.

Mr. President and distinguished Members,

We all and the Timor-Leste people have constantly
heard of the dialogue which this de facto
government is engaging in with Major Alfredo
Reinado in order to seek a just solution.

We hear that in the coming days the dialogue is
going to occur, but until now we still do not
know what options the de facto government will
take with them to the dialogue with Major
Alfredo.  We want to ask the government whether
it is seriously looking to resolve the case of Major Alfredo or not?

We know that some cases have been subjected to
the justice process, some are still proceeding,
such as the case of Abilio Mesquita who right now
is serving his prison sentence for the attack on
the home of Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak
last year, as well as Rogerio Lobato for
distributing arms. Railos is undergoing the
justice process, some members of the F-FDTL who
are undergoing the justice process for
allegations of shooting police officers on 25 May 2006.

We want to ask the government to tell us whether
in the eyes of Justice Major Alfredo’s case
differs from the other above mentioned cases or not?

We do not disagree with the dialogue which is
about to commence with Major Alfredo and although
not having heard what the government’s position
is regarding this issue, we want to put forward
the following options to seek solutions to be
used during the dialogue which the government is
about to initiate with Major Alfredo so as that
in future impunity is established as the practice for this illegal government;

1.      Appoint Major Alfredo Minister for Defence and Security

2.      Appoint Major Alfredo as Defence Attaché
for some Timor-Leste embassy overseas

3.      Appoint Major Alfredo as ambassador to Australia, Indonesia or Portugal

4.      Appoint Major Alfredo as Ermera District Administrator

5.      Appoint Major Alfredo as commander of
PNTL (Timor-Leste National Police) Baucau District

6.      Perhaps seek that Major Alfredo pays for
his wrongs in the assault at Fato Ahi on 23 May
2007 or other wrongs with forced labour at Weberek for 15 years

7.      Cantonement for him but with a free
movement pass for his whole life as Railos was
able to obtain from the former President of the
Republic and former PNTL Commander

8.      Ask other countries such as Australia,
Portugal and Indonesia to give Major Alfredo political exile

9.      Grant him an amnesty to give him full freedom

10.     Ask other countries to give him a
scholarship to study overseas for five years

11.     The last option is to make Major Alfredo
respond for his actions through justice, law and
order as applies in our country, in the Dili
District Court, as others such as Abilio
Mesquita, Rogerio Lobato, the Members of the
F-FDTL and Railos are through court proceedings in the Dili District Court.

Finally we also ask the President of the National
Parliament to communicate our recommendations to
the de facto government and the President of the
Republic who are holding ongoing dialogue with Major Alfredo Reinado.

We await that Major Alfredo Reinado is able to
obtain our recommendations of the options to seek
a just solution for his case. We await that
whatever solution is reached to resolve his case
does not create impunity from justice in our country.

Thank you Mr. President.

We the undersigned make this statement;

Arsenio Bano
Cipriana Pereira
Osorio Florindo


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