UNMIT – MEDIA MONITORING Monday, 10 October 2007

“UNMIT assumes no responsibility for the accuracy
of the articles or for the accuracy of their
translations. The selection of the articles and
their content do not indicate support or
endorsement by UNMIT express or implied
whatsoever. UNMIT shall not be responsible for
any consequence resulting from the publication
of, or from the reliance on, such articles and translations.”

National Media Reports

** Government Should Reduce Poverty

The Parliamentary Majority Alliance led by Prime
Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao needs to work
hard to reduce the poverty in this newborn country.

“Approving the transitional budget of $116
million USD is a good sign that the Government is
trying to reduce the number of people in poverty,
which is currently increasing”, said Ricardo
Cardoso, as chairman of Trade, Commerce and
Industry body of Timor-Leste. (STL)

** Church Considers That Life Pensions Enrich Only Ex-High Level Officers

The Church Peace and Justice Commission member,
Fr. Natalino Maia da Costa, said that by
approving life pensions for the ex-President,
Members of Parliament and the Government, the
National Parliament members have shown that they
only look after themselves and not the poor people living in misery. (STL)

** FRETILIN Anticipate Election

Fretilin Party Secretary General, Mr. Mari
Alkatiri, said that he has no doubt that the
current government will collapse in the next two
years. Mr. Alkatiri stated that another election
could happen because the government will not
carry out its program to restore people’s lives
with the huge sum of money totalling $116.409 million USD. (STL)

** FRETILIN Worried about Government Transitional Budget

FRETILIN National Parliament spokesperson, Mr.
Aniceto Guterres, declared that the transitional
budget for the period between 1 July and 31
December 2007 is bigger than the government can execute in the short term.

“The Government have said that they have no
capacity to spend large amounts of money in the
short-term, yet they have allocated a lot of
money to big goods and services without a plan to
use it,” said Mr. Aniceto. (DN)

** Fernando “Lasama” Believes the Transitional Budget Reflects People’s

The Chief of the National Parliament, Mr.
Fernando “Lasama” de Araujo, said that the
transitional budget reflects people’s needs
because the government is being transparent.

“I believe that the Government will respond to
people’s needs in the short-term by spending the
transitional budget properly”, said Mr. Fernando “Lasama”.

** UNPOL Responsible for 25 May 2006 Crisis

Inocencio da Costa Maria, the PNTL logistics
director, told a judge in court that UNPOL is
responsible for the F-FDTL firing on them on 25
May 2006 because an UNPOL officer told him that
UNPOL had coordinated with the F-FDTL, will
escort the PNTL officers to Obrigado Barracks,
and will not be responsible if any PNTL stay in the PNTL headquarters. (DN)

** Maria Domingas Alves: Budget is $2 million USD for IDPs

The Minister of Social Solidarity, Ms. Maria
Domingas Alves said that the Government will
devote 2 million dollars to Internally Displaced People for two months.

The Government, through the Ministry of Social
Solidarity, took the initiative to invite other
organizations including the United Nations
agencies in Timor-Leste to discuss mechanisms to
bring internally displaced people home. (TP)

** Buying New Tents Does Not Mean Refugees Are Staying Permanently

The Minister of Social Solidarity, Ms. Maria
Domingas Alves, said that government also will
buy new tents to replace the current ones provided by IOM last year.

“The Government will provide new tents in
anticipation of the upcoming raining season, it
does not mean refugees may stay permanently,
using these tents,” says Ms. Maria. (TP)

** National Parliament Has No Obligation to
Consult with the Petroleum Fund Consultative Counsel

The Chief of Commission C on Finance Economy and
Anti Corruption affairs, Mr. Manuel Tilman,
stated that according to the Constitution,
Parliament has no obligation to consult with the
Petroleum Fund Consultative Counsel while
defining the budget from the fund.(TP)

Timor Post (TP)
Radio Timor-Leste (RTL)
Suara Timor Lorosae (STL)
Diario Tempo (DT)
Diario Nacional (DN)
Televisaun Timor-Leste (TVTL)


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