Security Council Report

5 October: Special Research Report on the Peacebuilding Commission: On 17 October, the Security Council is scheduled to debate the Peacebuilding Commission’s annual report. The General Assembly is expected to debate the report on 10 October. This Special Research Report looks at the first year of operation of the Peacebuilding Commission, assessing its activities and the challenges it faces. The report describes the structure and methodology of the Commission, as well as its peacebuilding strategies, and analyses some of the lessons learned from its work during the past year. It also looks forward to issues that may be on the PBC’s work programme in the coming year, including developing benchmarks and monitoring mechanisms and when a country should graduate from its agenda. The report also discusses both the process for and possible new candidate countries for inclusion on the PBC agenda. Word Format • PDF Format

[Excerpt: As to the substance, in April-June last year, in the lead up to the establishment of the Commission, several countries in addition to the two selected were considered as possible candidates. These included Timor-Leste, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti and Afghanistan.

It is now generally accepted, in the light of recent events that the UN’s first peacekeeping mission in Timor-Leste was wound down prematurely in 2005. One of the consequences of the renewed violence and political uncertainty is that it may be thought it is now too soon to shift Timor-Leste onto the PBC agenda. On the other hand, with Japan, a major donor in Timor-Leste, now in the chair of the Commission it is possible that this option will gain traction. ]


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