Grenade attack on Australian compound

Article from: AAP

October 05, 2007 04:17pm

A GRENADE was thrown into an Australian Defence Force (ADF) compound near the Australian embassy in the East Timorese capital Dili.

The ADF is reviewing security in Dili after the explosion last night damaged vehicles and a building.

A defence spokeswoman confirmed today the explosion was caused by a grenade.

“The explosion has been confirmed as the explosion of a grenade,” she said.

No one was hurt by the explosion, which occurred late yesterday evening in the grounds of a house used by the ADF’s military training scheme in East Timor, the defence co-operation program.

The house is adjacent to the Australian embassy.

United Nations Police (UNPOL) were investigating, the spokeswoman said.

Earlier the commander of Australian forces in East Timor, Brigadier John Hutcheson, described the explosion as minor.

“(It) occurred in a building adjacent to the embassy,” he said on Sky News.

Brig. Hutcheson said extra security had been deployed in the area.

“The most important thing from a security perspective is I am continually reviewing the security environment in accordance with any changes to the threat. As a result of this particular investigation, I will obviously go back and review those security arrangements.”

Brig. Hutcheson said the blast damaged some vehicles and some windows in the building were shattered.

“There were some people in the compound but there were no injuries,” he said.

There are 850 ADF personnel in East Timor, as well as Australian Federal Police.


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