Alternative Technology Team in East Timor

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ATA team in East Timor
The first of four teams of the ATA International Projects Group arrived in East Timor this week to undertake the installation of renewable energy systems in the Bacau and Soibada districts. Over coming two weeks teams will be installing solar power in health clinics in Covalima, Bacau and Liquisa. Other works include power for two schools and a cooperative business.

The last group will be in Timor Leste in mid October where they will be ivolved in community lighting in Oecussi and undertake village lighting and wind power projects in Aileu province. We wish the groups well in their endeavors.

Click here to check out segment on the ATA International Projects Group on Chanel 31’s Making the Switch.

Segment 3

East Timor

Meet three Aussie boys giving light to those in need – literally.


Help shine a light on Timor
The ATA International Projects Group (IPG) is gearing up to install around 16 renewable energy systems for some of the most remote communities in East Timor. Building on three years’ work, our volunteer group will install solar and wind power in health clinics and community centres, and provide basic lighting for an entire village through the Village Lighting Scheme.

However, we need your help to continue our good work! Individuals, workplaces and community groups are encouraged to make a difference. We currently have a number of health clinics un-funded. Donations from $100 to $10,000 can make an immense difference to communities in need.

Click here to find out more about projects in need of sponsors.

For more information contact Anton Vikstrom on ph: 03 9631 5416 or m: 0410 111 622.

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