AUSTCARE: Half tonne clothing delivery as part of $300,000 East Timor package

Date: 12 Sep 2007

Austcare is distributing more than half a tonne of children’s
clothing in the eastern districts of Timor-Leste as part of its
on-going response to last month’s unrest in the fledgling democracy.

The Australian-based international aid organisation has developed a
$340,000 program to assist those affected by the post-election
turmoil that forced 8000 people from their homes and resulted in the
burning, looting or destruction of more than 400 houses.

As part of its response, Austcare has begun delivering clothing for
adults and children throughout the Watulari section of Viqueque
district, along with nearly 1800 packs of books, pens and school bags
to replace scarce educational supplies lost when local families were
forced to flee.

As part of its longer-term strategy Austcare is finalising the
creation of a seven person East Timor Protection Team. The team will
largely use motorbikes to reach displaced people in some of the worst
affected areas of the country. The officers will help them access
available services, or evaluate what services are required in an area
and work to have them established.

The $300,000 AusAID funded program is expected to run until at least
June next year.

Austcare’s Timor-Leste Crisis Appeal, that began last month, is still
underway and anybody wishing to donate can do so at:

The distribution of Austcare’s clothing and school supplies began
today (WED) and is expected to take between two and three days.

For further information contact:

Daniel Barty Campaign & Media Officer(02) 9565 9104 or 0430 464 954


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