Alfredo to get away with murder?

Yep, the spirit of impunity is alive and well, looks like Alfrado is going to get away with murder.

Better news is that Alkatiri is meeting PKS members in Indonesia. He’s due to give a talk on the present situation and last year’s violence. Violence that caused him to resign in order to avert a civil war after Xanana and Horta threatened resignation if he would not resign. However, as we see Alkatiri’s resignation and the presence of UN troops did little to stop the violence before and after the election

Look forward to reading a transcript of the talk, guess it will be more truthful than the abysmal media coverage of events.

Tyneside East Timor Solidarity.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


National Media Reports

The state to end the warrant to capture Alfredo Reinado

The state will consult with the president of the
court of appeal, Claudio Ximenes, to find a
solution with regards to the warrant to capture Alfredo Reinado Alves.

Speaking to the journalists after the High Level
meeting on Tuesday (11/9), Prime Minister Xanana
Gusmão said that they are waiting for Mr. Claudio
Ximenes who is presently on leave.

“When he comes back, we will look at the warrant
for the capture of Mr. Reinado,” said Mr. Gusmão.

He added that the state should talk to the organs
of the state, since the state should not
intervene directly in the judicial process.

He said that the task force has been established
and is composed of the secretary of state for
defence and representatives from other organs
which have an interest in solving the problem. (TP)

Prime Minister Xanana to lead the “Task Force” dialogue with Alfredo

Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão said that the ‘Task
Force’ established by the government will hold a
dialogue with Alfredo Reinado Alves and his followers.

He stated that the ‘Task Force’ will be led other
members of the government, such as the State Secretary of the Defence.

Speaking to the journalists after the High Level
Meeting on Tuesday (11/9) in the Presidential
Palace in Caicoli, Mr. Gusmão said that the
˜Task Force” has been formed to engage in
dialogue with Mr. Reinado Alves – it is however
on hold until the president of the court of
appeal, Mr. Claudio Ximenes, returns from leave. (DN)

Benevides Barros: “Alfredo wants to be judged by the Norwegian judge”

The lawyer of Alfredo Reinado Alves, Benevides
Correia Barros, reportedly said that after the
dialogue, his client Reinado wants to be judged
by the Norwegian judges, and that Reinado himself
totally rejects the judges from Portuguese
Speaking Countries Community (CPLP).

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday (11/9) in
Hotel Timor, Mr. Barros said that Mr. Reinado
rejects the possibility that the judges from CPLP
should preside over his case, because the CPLP’s
judges went against the decision of President
José Ramos-Horta to officially halt the operation on 19 June 2007.

Mr. Correia added that Mr. Reinado holds the
competency of President Horta in highest regard. (DN)

Today the government discusses methods for the dialogue with Alfredo
According to the agenda of the government, Prime
Minister Xanana Gusmão will lead a ministerial
meeting to discuss the available methods of
dialogue between Alfredo Reinado Alves and the
government to find the best solution.

Speaking to the journalists on Tuesday (11/9) in
his office, Mr. Julio Thomas Pinto said that
there is enough good will to solve Reinado’s case.

“The location will be prepared by the Prime
Minister and the National Unity Movement for
Justice (MUNJ),” said Mr. Pinto. (STL)


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