Bush Wants New Group To Promote Democracy!!!

> Canberra Times
> September 8, 2007 Saturday
> US President George W.Bush will today ask APEC leaders, including
> John Howard, to support the creation of a new organisation to
> spearhead the spread of democracy throughout the Asia-Pacific.
> Declaring that the desire for liberty is universal, ”written by our
> Creator into the hearts of every man, woman, and child”, the
> President told APEC business leaders yesterday he wanted the
> organisation to work to bring democracy to North Korea and Burma and
> free elections to Thailand.
> ”At the end of World War II, Australia and New Zealand were the only
> democracies on this side of the Pacific,” he said. ”Now, nearly 60
> years later, we have witnessed Japan’s transformation into a thriving
> free society; we have seen the triumph of democracy in the
> Philippines; we have seen democratic transitions in Taiwan and South
> Korea and Indonesia; we have seen the birth of a new democratic
> nation in East Timor.” The new organisation would be named the
> Asia-Pacific Democracy Partnership.
> President Bush did not make it clear whether it would direct
> financial assistance to dissidents within Asia-Pacific nations,
> saying only that it would work for the day ”when the people of North
> Korea enjoy the same freedoms as the citizens of their democratic
> neighbours” and the regime in Burma stops ”arresting and harassing
> and assaulting pro-democracy activists for organising or
> participating in peaceful demonstrations”.
> He called on Burma to release all of its political prisoners,
> including Aung San Suu Kyi. Likening the Asia-Pacific to Iraq, Mr
> Bush said, ”East Asia used to be a region of turmoil and danger, and
> today it’s a region of peace and hope and opportunity. With resolve
> and strength of conviction, the same thing will happen in the Middle East”.
> He said that during his stopover in Iraq’s Anbar province on the way
> to Sydney he saw the province had turned against al-Qaeda ”because
> people don’t want to follow a dark vision. Moms around the world
> share the same deep desire for their children to grow up in peace and
> in hopeful societies. So the sheiks there and the local folks turned
> against al-Qaeda”.
> Mr Bush said he agreed with Mr Howard that ”if we leave before the
> job is done it will represent a devastating blow to the hopes of a
> stable future for the Middle East”.
> ”The Prime Minister says: What Iraq and her people now need is time,
> not a timetable. They seek our patience, not political posturing.
> They require resolve, not our retreat.
> ”We are going to succeed in Iraq. If given a chance, liberty will
> succeed every time, and when they look back at this period, Mr Prime
> Minister, they’ll say: Job well done.” The President was vague about
> the membership of the Asia-Pacific Democracy Partnership, leaving
> open the question of whether APEC’s two biggest Communist members,
> China and Russia, would be invited to take part.
> APEC makes by consensus, meaning that either China or Russia would be
> able to veto the creation of the new organisation if it became an
> APEC initiative.
> During his speech the President also spoke of the creation of a Free
> Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, open to all APEC economies.
> The President will host a working breakfast with Mr Howard and
> Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this morning ahead of the
> traditional APEC leaders’ photograph and meeting, leaving tonight
> after day one of the two-day meeting to be back in Washington in time
> for a progress report on the state of the war in Iraq.
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