Howard hysteria will not deter protest organisers

Media Release

September 5, 2007

Peaceful rally / festival against APEC agenda

Friday, Sept 7, 11am – 2pm – Hyde Park North

Howard and Iemma hysteria will not deter protest organisers

“The shrill and incessant verbal attacks by Prime Minister Howard and Premier Iemma against protests by the critics of APEC are as much a disgrace as the massive, costly security overkill in Sydney this week,” said Peter Murphy, organiser of this Friday’s protest event in Hyde Park.

“The Prime Minister’s barrage is a distraction from his problem that the APEC Leaders Meeting is very unpopular and will achieve nothing positive for the Australian people or the people of the Asia Pacific region,” said Mr Murphy.

“Instead of taking active measures to provide quality jobs and basic services to hundreds of millions of poor people in the region, this meeting will continue to argue that privatisations, reduced workers rights and a free-for-all for big business is the answer to all our problems,” he said.

“Our Sydney People’s festival is for a nuclear-free, fair and independent Asia Pacific, not dominated by the heavy hand of the Bush Administration and US corporations,” he said. “Bush and Howard are warmongers, pushing a nuclear arms race when we desperately need clean energy, good jobs, and an end to the widespread warfare that plagues our region,” concluded Peter Murphy.


Elmer Labog (KMU Philippines);

Prof Jane Kelsey (NZ);

Prof Michael McKinley (ANU);

Abigail Jabines (Greenpeace Asia Pacific);

Peter Jennings (Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA)


Men from U.N.C.L.E; Ken Stewart (Urban Guerillas); Bolivarian Band; Korean drummers; Solidarity Choir

MC: Dr Patricia Ranald

For further information: Peter Murphy 0418 312 301; Jane Corpuz-Brock 0410 453 459


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