New Unrest Flares in T-L

The market in the town of Metinaro was extended last year by easterners forced out of
Dili, looks like IDP’s, probably Fretelin members are once more being

Ermera is in the western not the eastern region of Timor-Leste, but like to lay a bet that the two people killed were Fretilin members.

Pleased the fire at Comoro roundabout was brought under control quickly, this is were IDP’s are living, they were attacked constantly in 2006,
looks like this 2007 is going to be no different.

Lidia Tyneside East Timor Solidarity
—– Original Message —–
From: “ETAN”
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 10:57 PM
Subject: UN: New Unrest Flares in T-L

> New York, Aug 23 2007 12:00PM
> Fighting involving 100 to 300 people armed with machetes, steel darts
> and bows broke out in Timor-Leste today, almost completely destroying
> a market in the town of Metinaro in the latest violence following
> inconclusive elections two months ago, the United Nations Police (”>UNPOL)
> reported today.
> Latest reports indicate that trouble flared up again in the afternoon
> and 10 houses and a motorcycle were set on fire. The police and the
> fire brigade are in attendance. Three people were arrested. The
> International Stabilization Force (ISF) and other police units rushed
> to the scene, east of Dili, the capital.
> Two people were also reported to have been killed in a confrontation
> in Ermera, another eastern region of the small South-East Asian
> country that the UN helped shepherd to independence from Indonesia in
> 2002, but no further details were available, UNPOL said.
> In Dili, UNPOL attended to eight incidents, firing tear gas to
> control the crowds and arresting six people. Large groups engaged in
> sporadic fighting in the vicinity of Surik Mas and Bairo Pite.
> Separately, a fire was also reported near the Comoro roundabout,
> which was extinguished with only minor damage. A small fight near
> Bebonuk primary school was also brought under control by police.
> Timor-Leste has been shaken by unrest after the formation of a new
> government following the June elections, which failed to produce a
> single outright winner.
> The UN enhanced its peacekeeping and policing roles in the country
> last year after violence attributed to differences between eastern
> and western regions killed at least 37 people and forced 155,000
> others, 15 per cent of the population, to flee their homes.
> 2007-08-23 00:00:00.000

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