Fretilin statement on Ramo-Horta inviting CNRT to form government


6 August 2007


The National Political Commission of FRETILIN, a political executive
organ of the party, today had a meeting to clarify the party’s
position in respect of President Jose Ramos Horta’s decision to invite
CNRT, the second most voted party in the 30 June parliamentary
elections, and its political allies to form government.

FRETILIN always sought a rational and reasonable interpretation of the
message delivered by the electorate once the results of the
parliamentary elections were formally certified by the Court of
Appeal. The certification by the Court of Appeal confirmed that
FRETILIN was the most voted party. As a result, FRETILIN decided to
propose a Government of Grand Inclusion, a proposal which was
supported by the President of the Republic.

FRETILIN, once again, having analysed the result of the parliamentary
elections and the message delivered by the electorate, lends its
support to the proposal to have a Government of Grand Inclusion. The
party continues to maintain its position that the Prime Minister must
be designated by FRETILIN, the most voted party following the 30 June
parliamentary elections in accordance with articles 85(e) and 106 of
the Constitution of the Republic of Timor-Leste.

Faced with the intransigence of CNRT and its political allies, and
taking into consideration the aim and purpose of a Government of Grand
Inclusion, FRETILIN indicated to the President its willingness to
appoint a political independent to become Prime Minister. The
proposal to have an independent Prime Minister was also rejected by
CNRT and its political allies.

In order to comply with articles 85(e) and 106 of the Constitution,
the President must invite FRETILIN to form government. If FRETILIN’s
program is rejected twice by National Parliament, it is then possible
for the President to invite the second most voted party to form
government. However, this has not been the case and FRETILIN
considers the decision of the President to invite CNRT and its
political allies to form government unconstitutional. The decision of
the President is also disrespectful of the expectations of the East
Timorese electorate who have requested the political parties to work
together to re-establish stability, the rule of law and the authority
of the democratic state.

As a consequence of the President’s decision, FRETILIN declares that
it will not co-operate with a government that is unconstitutional.
The party, conscience of its responsibilities, will do everything
available to the party to raise awareness amongst the people so that
they can combat through legal means the usurping of power, to
contribute to the ending of violence and to re-establish law and order
which will lead to peace and stability in Timor-Leste.

FRETILIN will initiate multiple actions within the law in order to
ensure respect for the Constitution and the Laws of the Democratic
Republic of Timor-Leste and to restore the confidence of the people in
the political system of our country.

Francisco Guterres Lu Olo
FRETILIN President

Mari Alkatiri
FRETILIN Secretary General


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