Interim election results

Dear Friends,

This is an interim count of the votes in the Timor Leste parliamentary elections, as at the close of counting on Monday. 250,000 votes were counted, more than half of the total vote.

Counting got off to a late start in Dili, and so there are more votes still to count in Dili than in other districts. The delay was caused when officials tried to start counting with scrutineers locked out, and there was a very loud protest. When that was resolved by having ballots put back in the boxes and scrutineers allowed in, there was a 3 hour power outage.

FRETILIN (Da Silva) 29%

CNRT (Xanana) 22%

ASDT / PSD (do Amaral / Carrascalao) 16%

PD (Lasama) 13%

KOTA (Manuel Tilman) 4%

Ferndanda Borges 3%

Abilio Araujo 3%

Undertim 3%

This count indicates that there will have to be a coalition government formed, and negotiations will commence very soon. The cutoff is 3% so the four smaller parties are all in on this count. CNRT would need the support of ASDT / PSD and PD to form a government.

The full vote should be counted by tomorrow lunchtime, and it is expected that there will be an official declaration by Saturday.

Peter Murphy

SEARCH Foundation
Level 3, Suite 3B, 110 Kippax St,
Ph: 02 9211 4164; Fax: 02 9211 1407

ABN 63 050 096 976


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