Mari Alkatiri Joins Parliament

Yesterday, former Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri
met with President of the
National Parliament to discuss his return to
Parliament, reported Diario
Nacional. Alkatiri told the media that he
has pledged to the people to
mainly focus on his party therefore he wants
to balance his time between the Parliament and
Fretilin. He said he will join the institution
on the debate of the electoral bill and once
it is approved he will shift his
focus to the party. The former Prime
Minister said the electoral
legislation should have been completed in
November but hopes that it will
be approved before Christmas to allow for
debate and preparation for the
elections. He disagreed with postponing the
elections for August 2007, stressing that the
elections must take place before May 20,
2007. On the
proposed electoral bill, Alkatiri would like
all parties to convene and debate before raising
an uproar, stressing that democracy is imperative
for the nation not to experience a similar crisis as the recent one.

On the return of IPDs, Mari Alkatiri said he
is willing to contribute to
provide support for the government and the
institutions by contributing
some of his governance knowledge but the
issue of the IDPs is dependent upon the
government competence. He said that he left a
government with lots of money therefore the
government has the money to carry out its
work. On the internal problems of Fretilin,
Alkatiri said it is a process faced by
all political parties but somehow people
tend to focus on his party,
thanking them for their concern but that
Fretilin would resolve their problems.

In a separate article, Alkatiri reportedly
said that he could not wait
around for the justice process, which he
considers slow, because he is looking forward
and wants to continue working in line with the
promises he made on May 20, 2002. (STL, DN, TP)


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