News update

On the 12th November, commemoration day of the Santa Cruze Massacre, some of
the youth in Dili held demonstrations calling for peace and an end to the
violence between the eastern and western people. This met with a mixed
response. A good response from many of the barios in Dili, including Loro
Mata and Fatahada. The youths themselves have set up gardening projects, english teaching and sports programmes. These are going well, and on the whole Dili is seems much quieter, unfortunately, there are still some problems in Dili and now in some of the districts.

On the 12th November, fighting broke out in Baucau and one Timorese police
officer was hurt. On the same day fighting occurred in Los Palos town.
Since I came back to Dili I have heard there has been fighting in Ermine,
and other western districts. I will try to give more information on this

In Dili, one of the leaders of the marshal arts group who was calling for
peace was murdered, it is said by his own group because they were unhappy
about his message. His body was left outside the Fretlin conference rooms
near Loro Mata. A second marshal arts leader, who was televised calling
for peace, is in hiding again from his own group. One man from Viqueque and one man from Brazil were murdered while I was in Los Palos.

Last night one man, who was attending a festival in Villa Verde was killed.
I am told he was from Los Palos.

I am told there have been no more sexually motivated muggings against women
in Dili for three weeks. Am pleased to report the policing has improved in
the areas these were occurring, the UN police hope to prosecute two men
responsible for some of the attacks based on information I gave after my

In the meantime Alfrado Reinaldo, still heavily armed with illegal weapons,
appeared on a news bulletin this morning, saying he had the right to escape
from prison, he is not guilty of any crimes and does not agree with the UN
report which says he should be apprehended. Although the television crew
and the Timor Post have no problems finding him, seems the international
force and police authorities are impotent were Reinaldo is concerned, and
unable to re-arrest him.

One can only speculate on why Reinaldo, a criminal, is once again being
treated as a ‘media star.’

In solidarity Lidia


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