Who is behind the violence?

I agree with what Fretilin are saying – once again the violence has lessened and leaders of marshal arts group – as you know some of the violence has been attributed to these groups, are being paraded on TV calling for an end to the violence and a restoration of peace, there is feeling of tension in the air. I personally think it is a gross simplification to blame just the marshal arts groups for the violence, if there is to be any peace and justice in East Timor who was motivating the groups to commit ‘political violence’ needs investigating, can’t see this happening too many top people implicated here and in other countries.

I have been told that on the 12th November, (I was in Mehara) the youth marched around Dili calling for peace. This was because there was a service commemorating the Santa Cruze massacre. But since then there have been 3 killings.

One man living in Imutine, but coming from the western region of Timor, not sure exactly which district. I have been told he was one of the leaders of the gang that caused much of the problems in Loro Mata and Fatahada. Apparently he told his gang that what they had been doing was wrong and they should now stop the killing, burning and looting and should have a traditional timorese healing ceremony – this means meeting the people they have committed violence against and asking for forgiveness. Some of his members did not agree and they answer was to kill him (have to check this version out) but do know that his body was placed outside the Fretilin headquarters, nr Loro Mata.

One man from Viqueque killed, not sure where.

One man from Brazil killed near the beach.

IOM is doing some research in villages in Dili on the violence, know someone participating in the research, one of the questions is:

How would you feel if houses in your village were rebuilt and people from Loro Sae came back to live here. (there is now an official recognition that it was mainly homes of people coming from the eastern regions that were destroyed)

The reply is mixed, some chiefs say they are very sad that houses belonging to friends have been burned and they vouch for the safety of ‘Loro Sae’ people if they came back, but in Bebenock and Becora the chiefs say they could not guarantee the safety of ‘Loro Sae” people if they came back here.

I was told one succo head said:

‘the youth here do not listen to me and the elders any more, they are always drinking and fighting. They say they will kill Loro Sae people if they come back here. I want to know where they get the money for drink and knives from, none of them work.

I know they have been paid to commit this violence, and disrespect their elders.”

My source asked if she could give his name, but he said:

“oh, my daughter I am sorry I cannot give my name. I would be dead in the morning if I gave my name’

My source also told me that in some of the villages they were shouting if there is anyone from Loro Sae in this car we will kill them. She was very frightened, she is from Los Palos, but the driver was from Iliou and he said no we are all from the west.

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