Fretilin HQ burned down -eyewitness report

Talking to friends till late so decided to stay in Loro Mata on Saturday night. There is a self imposed curfew in Dili, people do not walk around after 6.00 p.m., no buses after this and few taxis, you either go home before dark or stay with friends.

It seemed peaceful when I got up about 6.30 this morning, by 7.30 smoke was rising from the top of Loro Mata. Some of us walked up to have a look, I took the camera. Fretlin Central Committee was burning, there was an earlier attempt, around May to burn it but it was not very successful, this time it has been more successful. Took a couple of photos, the Australian Police arrived, told them people witnessed who burnt this building. They said unless the witness was prepared to go with them and point a finger, they could do nothing – stalemate. I was then asked to move. Said I would move but take photos further along – they said no I was interfering with police business and they threatened to arrest me.

Not sure how taking photos of a burning building and saying you can take them the police to the people responsible for causing the fire is interfering with police business – maybe someone can look up the legal precedent on this for me.



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