Easterners attacked again

Today has been an exceptionally bad day in Dili, most days IDP camps are stoned, and most days thugs rampage in the centre of Dili and elsewhere, please note I do not say youths on the rampage, it is mostly men from the hills behind Dili. Manleuana is where most of them come from, of course some small groups jump on the band wagon fight each other – but the real violence is from outside the IDP camps and bairro’s.

A lot of violence comes from the international forces themselves, mainly the ADF –

Today there was an attack on Fatuhada and Comoro, there were attacks in other places but these were the worst, I myself went to inform Malaysian troops that men were attacking Fatuhada with machettes, rama ambon, they did respond. Had been going to visit a friend there and was told by people running away do not go in Fatuhada is being attacked.

Late this afternoon I was telephoned for help by friends in Loru Mata, Loru Mata is in between Comoro and Fatuhada. The friend and myself had been at a GPPAK meeting, he had returned to Loru Mata to find turmoil.

He told me that thugs had been in Loru Mata, the ADF came in and made their usual response, let the thugs go started shouting at the people who were being attacked, ‘you f*****g Loru Sae terrorists, causing problems again’ – please note these were people who were being attacked by thugs from the western region and Manleuana. The ADF started firing their guns in the air, women, children and men ran to get away from the thugs and the people who are supposed to be protecting them.

One young man, Acasio, from Abogarebao ran with others up the small road from Loru Mata towards Comoro Road, an Australian police vehicle in pursuit of the terrified people knocked him down, Acasio tried to struggle to his feet, the police got out of the car and instead of helping him, arrested him. His hands were taped behind his back, he was left standing like that in the middle of the street. Thugs from the west who had been causing havoc in Loru Mata ran up and stabbed him to death, in full view of the the Australian police. Witnesses said the police did nothing. – people who witnessed Acasio being knocked down and stabbed, ran for their lives, when they went returned Acaso’s body had gone, no one knows where or who took it.

The incident has been reported to Sandy no. 10906. She informed me she would pass details on to her superior officer.

Sola who lives in Oxford, England, who is here visiting family, was told by the ADF, ‘you are f****g stupid’, he asked what gives you the right to call me stupid, do you not think your behaviour is stupid” – Some of you in England will know who I mean,Timorese do not want to give their names is case of further reprisals. Possibly he was called stupid because he tried to intervene when Zito, from Los Palos was arrested for being outside his house in Loru Mata.

Zito was arrested at about 12 o’clock this afternoon, Sandy tells me he will be detained with others till Monday – no court till then, she could not tell me what he was charged with, I will try to give further information on both incidents tomorrow morning.

In a further incident in Loru Mata,a man from Mehara was beaten badly around the head and chest with stones. Friends were unable to take him to the hospital because of the fighting they are hoping to take him in the morning.

Hasegawa, of the UN is very concerned about security now and has asked the international force to change their tactics. He asks for police to be put in bairros and IDP camps. The Timorese and others have asked this for many weeks, they are and are pleased someone from an official body is calling for this action, and urge solidarity to add their voices to this request.

Timorese friends ask that friends and solidarity in western countries do not turn a blind eye to what is happening. They ask that President Xanana is urged to solve lack of security and the behavior of the ADF. There is a huge question over why men in the hills are still armed and able to attack Dili at will.

This week two fretilin supporters were killed in Ermera and houses were burned.

Please forward this information on.

Lidia lidia.tindle@googlemail.com


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