Message from Dili 12/07/2006

Hello everybody,

As you know Alkitiri has resigned and Ramos-Horta has now been sworn in as caretaker Prime Minister for the next 9 months. Read his speech, which I will forward, I’m afraid I don’t think he is a good choice. He is an independent and has nothing to do with the ideals of Fretlin left movement, he has many friends in Western power, including his buddies in America and Australia. Already there is talk of taking a loan from the the World Bank, he talks of how Alkitiri has done much for the country and he will follow in his footsteps,if that is so why did he not defend Alkitiri’s policies and stop this mess happening. Reading between the lines of the speech he is going to destroy many good initiatives, the church, Ramos-Horta does not go to, is being lauded as a means of controlling the people, and the there is talk of university being made more accessible, but to who, there is no talk of primary education being improved – it will be accessible to the elite in my opinion. As to him being put in stopping the violence, well yes it has stopped immediate violence, but the undercurrent is still there.

My friend Yasinti, she works with me came back from Oecussi, she had been visiting her family, to find she had no home. All her possessions had been stolen at the beginning of the troubles and her and her family had been living in a displaced peoples camp, but she thought now the terror had supposedly stopped they would be able to go back to there home and start repairs. Her home has been taken over by thugs from the west of East Timor, she was asked who gave you permission to come here by the thugs. she said it is my home, they replied not any more go.

This is happening all over LH is now doing research on the violence and security, guess who has lost their home in this way will be part of this. In the meanwhile Ramos-Horta continues Xanana’s line of forgive your neighbour – no justice in other words, last week before he was made Prime Minister there was talk of him making the perpetrators of crimes responsible and of giving people there homes back – all promises seem to have been forgotten. Not sure why he got accepted by Fretlin, accept I think it was the right wing element who brokered him as a compromise PM. Bit like New Labour making itself acceptable to the conservatives.

On Saturday finished the investigations into the murder of Gill, I will forward the information, I’m composing a file which I would like sent on to Amnesty hoping to finish it today, but will probably forward separate testimonies as a precaution. While I was at Dom Bosco learned someone from Narciso’s family was getting married, phoned Narciso who asked me to track down where they were. Did this, Narciso, myself and Rosa then joined friends for the reception. There was an air of tension, the reception was at held at their home, the family had been living at Dom Bosco.

Their home is in an area where Loro Sae people have been attacked, although I was told immediate neighbours are fine, but everyone felt uncomfortable. Men have been coming down from Manleuana (where the petitioners are living) and attacking Loro Sae people including people in displaced camps, the wedding reception was held in an area where this has happened. Most people left after half an hour, we stayed a little longer and talked over what was happening, but then we left. Narciso has been told by some people that he looks like Alkitiri’s body guard, that’s enough to get beaten up in the new Timor Leste.

Again ADF seem unable to maybe they don’t want to stop any of the new violence and intimidation, so people live in a vacuum wondering will they still have a home tomorrow and will they be attacked.

There has again been talk of people at Sahe, office here next door to me. having weapons. Read into that there are people who are left leaning or come from Los Palos living there, lets make a problem for them.

On the surface things seem fine but the undercurrents are always at play.

Lidia Dili

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