Coup organisers

From Lidia Dili

Not sure if you have seen the statement below. The demonstrations the National Front are talking about were anything but peaceful. These are the ones were they were allowed to rampage around Dili terrorising people.

Not sure what is meant by all people, the people who staged the counter demonstration certainly would not wish to be included in ‘all people’. Never heard of Alkatiri making any plans to flee Timor-Leste, and he is certainly at the moment still here.

As you know Xanana changes his mind from one day to the next on what his position is on Parliament and elections, guess it depends on who he is speaking to.

Think when Tara refers to the will of the people he is referring to his and his thugs will, there were over 1,000 demonstrators from Emera at the peaceful counter demonstration. I reckon there were about 30,000 people there all together.

Latest rumour to sweep Dili is that oposition to Alkitiri from Emera are coming to attack people from the west who attended pro Alkitiri demonstrations later today. Guess that will lead to more panic on the streets of Dili.


mana lidia,
below is a statement from the National Front for Peace and Justice, a front led by major tara that organized rally against alkatiri



(FNJP — The National Front for Peace and Justice)


Since 21 June 2006, the people of Timor-Leste have gathered at the Palácio do Governo and the National Parliament to conduct a peaceful demonstration. The goal of this peaceful demonstration is: “TO DISSOLVE THE PARLIAMENT AND DISBAND MARI ALKATIRI’S GOVERNMENT.” With that aim the people who have gathered in the capital Dili also extend the aspirations of those who cannot take part in this action to convey various demands to government leaders.

After seeing and listening to these various popular demands, the President of the Republic and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Timor-Leste, as the Head of the State, have made a promise, on 23 June 2006 and again on 26 June 2006, when the people handed the legislative and executive powers, by saying “THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT MAKE PROMISES TO ANYONE, BUT THE PRESIDENT SUBMITS TO PEOPLE’S WILL.”

Also after reading Mari Alkatiri’s statement of resignation from his post as the Prime Minister, stating that he will resume his duties as a member of The National Parliament on 26 June 2006, all people have taken notice and are concerned that:

1. Mari Alkatiri does not respect the will of the people, because, even though the National Parliament has been disbanded by the people on 24 June 2004, he thinks it stills exist.

2. Mari Alkatiri wants to find a new “home” in order to get protection and immunity from the investigation process on various crimes he has committed. Mari Alkatiri is organizing himself and is looking for a way to flee the territory of Timor-Leste to escape from criminal responsibility.

From the various abovementioned facts and realities, all people of Timor-Leste through the National Front for Justice and Peace do hereby state that:

3. All people of Timor have vowed, together with the President of the Republic, to carry out all wills of the people.

4. [All people] reaffirm that the legislative and executive powers have been handed by the people to the President of the Republic.

5. [All people] will wait for the President’s decision to legally and officially dissolve the National Parliament by todat, 27 June 2006, at 4:00 PM.

6. If the President refuses to make good on his promises, the people will therefore take other initiatives to uphold their rights as free people.

Dili, 27 June 2006

Augusto de Araújo (Tara) Vital dos Santos
General Coordinator General Secretary


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