Pro FRETILIN Rally Dili


Despite the threat of roaming anti-FRETILIN thugs in the outskirts of
Dili FRETILIN supporters turned out in huge numbers to welcome the 200
vehicle convoy from Metinaro carrying supporters from all over the
country including many from the so called Loro Mono (western) area’s.

They were greeted in the central area of Dili by people handing out
flowers and shouting “Viva FRETILIN”. The rally was estimated to be 10
times larger than the biggest anti-FRETILIN demo.

FRETILIN were allowed in a tightly controlled area of central Dili while
the counter-demonstrators were allowed to roam all over the rest of

At least one FRETILIN truck had to be rescued after it broke down and
was surrounded by thugs who were threatening to burn it.

Two houses belonging to people from Los Palos in the east were burned
down during the night.

It was also reported that a displaced peoples camp on the Dili
waterfront had been attacked by a stone throwing anti FRETILIN mob.

This morning ADF soldiers were seen searching for weapons in a displaced
peoples camp at a church in Farol. When asked why they were only
searching Los Palos’s peoples tents they said they were, with no hint of
irony, “asking about peoples health”!

On the whole though it is reported that the ADF behaved OK today.

Report from Lidia Dili 7:00pm Thursday 29th Jun 2006


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