Cuban doctor’s house raided

One of the strangest incident during the recent trouble in East Timor was the assault on the house rented by some of the Cuban doctors who have been helping the East Timorese health service and at the moment are dealing with the refugees from the recent coup attempt.

According to East Timor’s Health Minister Rui Araujo on the 10th June at night an Australian patrol surrounded the house in the Comoro area and spoke to the young housekeeper who told them they would have to get the key as non of the doctors were there. Someone from the patrol insisted that there would be weapons inside and smashed into the house. Local residents reported that nothing had been found.

The Australian govenment and media has been demonising the Prime Minister of East Timor Mari Alkateri almost since independence, The campaign intensified during the negotaitions with Australia on the oil in the Timor Sea in which Alkateri had proved a tough negotiator. He also provoked the wrath of both the Australian and US government when he managed to get Cuban doctors and teachers to help with the reconstruction of the country- this may explain their being targeted.



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