Police – Dili 28-5-2006

People showing there anger at the lack of response by the police.

It appears that the story of the FDTL (army) who remained loyal to the government just attacking the police wasn’t that simple.

The police had stood by and done nothing while peoples houses were being burned down in the initial violence around the petitioners (army deserters) demo in Dili at the end of April.

Some elements of the FDTL were ambushed by the deserters and the police had shot an officer at the Tasi Toli military base and wounded several others.

It also appears that Australian army advisers were in on the original sacking of the deserters (see link a bottom) and are still camped out with the rebels at their base in the hills. Advising what is anyone’s guess.

While condemning all the violence that has taken place we also condemn the one sided inacurate reporting of the situation.


Photographs taken by Ermim of Hak Human Rights Organisation – Dili


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